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4 Reasons Why Moving To A Senior Apartment After Your Spouse Passes Could Be A Good Idea

You face a difficult transition when your spouse dies. You not only lose someone you love, but you're also suddenly alone in your house. Being isolated and alone can be scary, depressing, and something you don't want to do. However, you may not want to make quick decisions about selling your home or buying new property until you've had time to adjust to losing your spouse. A good solution could be to move into a senior apartment. Here's why.

1. You'll Feel Safer Around Other People

One good thing about apartment living is that there are plenty of people around all the time. You'll be able to make new friends quickly, whether it's talking to neighbors in the hall or chatting while you lounge by the pool. Best of all, you'll be around people your own age, so you'll have similar interests. You won't have to worry about college kids having late parties or families with young kids making noise all the time.

2. Renting An Apartment Can Be Temporary

Unlike moving to a new home that is difficult to undo and is a big financial investment, renting can be a temporary arrangement while you explore your options. You'll be able to live independently so you won't have to move in with your kids, and if you decide you want to buy a house or condo in the same town or another state, you'll be free to leave as soon as your lease is up.

3. Senior Apartments Are More Accessible

Senior apartment complexes vary, so you'll want to look a few over before you decide where you want to live. Choosing one that has an elevator or ground-level apartments is probably better than one that has entry stairs so you don't have to worry about trips and falls. Also, check the floor plan and arrangement of appliances. These apartments are meant to be senior-friendly so you shouldn't have to worry about being unsafe due to the way the apartment is designed.

4. You'll Have A Built-In Social Life

Another advantage of apartment living is that apartments usually have pools, clubhouses, and social events. Compare these features in complexes you tour. You may not feel like being too sociable after you lose your spouse, but something as simple as a weekend cookout or a pool party might lift your spirits and help you meet new friends.

It's often hard to get on with your life when you lose a spouse and staying in the same surroundings all alone might make your life even more difficult. A senior apartment could be a nice place to live as you transition to single life, and you may like it so much that you want to stay for the long term.