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3 Things A Real Estate Agent Helps You With Before Listing Your House

One benefit of hiring a real estate agent for help with selling a house is the services he or she provides to home sellers. Agents have first-hand experience and knowledge helping people sell their houses, and here are three things an agent might recommend for you to do before you list your home.

The Agent May Recommend a Pre-Sale Inspection

Real estate agents often recommend getting a pre-sale inspection of a home before listing. This service is helpful in many ways to home sellers, and it is the same type of evaluation as a home inspection. The primary difference is in the timing of getting it. You get this inspection before you list the house.

Another difference is the reason to get it. Getting your house inspected before selling it offers a way for you to avoid problems when you are trying to close on the deal with a buyer. If you find out the issues with the house now, you can address them immediately instead of waiting to find out about them until you are trying to close.

The Agent Will Help You Choose an Asking Price

The second thing an agent will do is help you set your asking price. To figure out the right asking price, your agent will offer a comparative market analysis (CMA). Creating a CMA is a real estate service that agents typically provide to all homeowners when they want to sell. A CMA is a report that shows homes like yours with the prices they sold for. Based on the prices these homes sold for, your agent can help you set an accurate price for your house.

The Agent Will Recommend Staging Techniques

The third thing your agent will do is recommend staging techniques. Staging is almost always a necessity before selling, and its goal is to create a more appealing, attractive look to a home. When you perform the right steps of staging, you may have an easier time selling your house. If you have questions about this aspect of selling, talk to your agent to learn more.

You can hire any agent you desire, and you do not have to do the things he or she suggests. It is helpful, though, to take the advice of an agent when selling your house. 

To find out more about real estate services to help you with selling your home, contact a real estate agent near you.