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The Three Fastest Ways To Sell Your Home

On average, it takes approximately five weeks to find a buyer for a house. The five weeks starts from the day you list your home, and it ends the day you receive the offer. It takes an additional three or four weeks to close on the property after that. If you hope to sell your home faster than this, you could try by using one of these three options.

1. Sell It to a Friend

Is there a chance that someone you know wants to buy your house? If you can find a friend or relative that is interested in this, you might have your solution for selling your home. If you are not sure if anyone wants it, make some phone calls and talk to people you know. Post an ad on social media asking if anyone wants to buy your home. You could offer to sell it for a lower price than the amount it is worth, and you could offer other incentives.

2. List It for a Reduced Price

You may not be able to find a friend or family member that wants to buy your home at this time, though. If this is the case, putting your home on the market is an excellent option. The factor that will help you sell it quickly, though, is the price, so keep this in mind. If you list your home at a price that is well below the current value, you will likely attract a lot more people to your listing. If you draw a lot of people to your home, you will probably find your buyer.  

3. Find a Real Estate Investor to Buy It

For people who want to sell their homes immediately, there is one other option. You can turn to a real estate investor. A person who invests in real estate is someone that typically offers to pay cash for homes. With a cash deal, you may have to sell for a lower price, but you have an instant solution. You will close quickly on the deal and have cash in your hand very soon.

If you ask the full price for your home through a real estate listing, you will find a buyer. It may take some time for this to occur, but eventually, someone will make an offer on it. If you have questions about selling your house, talk to a real estate agent for answers.