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Make Your House Irresistible To Buyers Using Home Staging

Most people have heard about home staging. Staging is not just for over-the-top properties though. No matter your budget, everyone can afford to do some home staging. Read below for some tips that pricey home staging experts use to create classy interiors to help you sell your home.

What to Know About Home Staging

There is nothing more to staging than identifying a home's best features and showcasing them. Staging can be as extensive (and expensive) or as budget-conscious as you want. For those who want to hire a professional, you can have entire rooms removed of all furnishings and then replaced with new items. Some staging professionals will work with your own furniture but freshen up the accessories, like throw pillows, rugs, and wall decor. If you are about to place your home on the market, staging can create a lasting first impression among buyers that may increase the sales price and the number of offers you receive.

Looking at Things From a Buyer's Point of View

Once you decide to sell your home, it might be helpful to look at your home through a potential buyer's eyes. From the entry to the kitchen, bathrooms, and everything in between, your home should reflect taste, cleanliness, light, and space. To achieve that, you will need to remove personal possessions, mementos, awards, and souvenirs from walls, tables, beds, countertops, and more. This action automatically makes your rooms look less cluttered and larger. More tips for staging your home yourself follow:

  1. You might not think your bathroom matters, but it does. Buyers want to see bathrooms as retreats. No matter how small or basic your bathroom is, you can make it look more spa-like by arranging fluffy towels attractively and placing scented soaps on the counter. New rugs and a shower curtain complete the look. Hide your personal grooming supplies for the time being.
  2. When it comes to bringing light in, light-colored or sheer window treatments are best. You can find basic sheer panels at discount stores inexpensively. The more light you allow into a room, the larger it appears.
  3. Speaking of light, the old mirror trick really works. In rooms that seem dark, hang a large mirror on the wall opposite a light source. Mirrors capture light and bounce that light around the room.
  4. Freshen up your bedroom and living areas with new throws, pillows, rugs, and bed linens.
  5. Rearrange your furniture. Arrange seating areas by anchoring them with a rug and move larger pieces to other rooms if you have space. For example, move a heavy-looking china cabinet to the garage to create more space in the dining room.

For more tips on preparing your property for sale, speak to your real estate agent. They know what buyers want and how to make the most of what you already have.