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4 Considerations To Keep In Mind When You're Buying A Lakefront House

If you have always dreamt of having your first home on the water or if you have wanted a summerhouse right on a lake, then you may just think they are all the same. Although most all lakefront properties are naturally beautiful because they are on the water, that doesn't mean that they are all created equal. Before you buy a lakefront house, there are four specific considerations that you should keep in mind. 

1. The Water

While one lake may be the perfect place to boat, swim, and do other water sports, one just a few miles down the road may not be quite as nice. Before you buy a lakefront property, meet with the county that it's in to see what the quality of the water is like. For instance, does it currently have any issues? Is it safe enough to swim in? Is it known for having a lot of bugs or fungus? These are all things that you should know. If you are buying a property on a lake that you're familiar with, then you may not have to stress too much about these things, but it's still something worth looking into. 

2. How Close the Home Is to the Water

While having a lakefront property on the water is fun, if it's too close to the water then it could end up resulting in a lot of damages. For instance, if you don't have much of a yard or beach between your house and the water, you may experience things like water damage to your house or even flooding if the tide gets too high during certain times of the year. By having a decent distance between your physical home and the water, you can help keep your home shielded and protected. 

3. Look Into Insurance

Homeowner's insurance prices for homes that are right on the water may be a lot more expensive than homes that are on the land. Why? Because you are putting your home at more of a risk of things like water damage, flooding, wind storms, and property erosion. 

4. Hidden Costs

If your property has a dock on it, you will want to know if it's private. If it's owned by some sort of association, it may come with a lot of hidden fees. Additionally, does your property have a sump pump? Is it a private sump pump? When was the last time it was replaced? These are just a few of the hidden fees that you will want to look into before you sign the real estate deal. 

Are you interested in learning more about lakefront houses? If so, reach out to a real estate agent near you.