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Want Your Own Slice Of Heaven? Find Land That Makes That Come True!

Have you ever had that vision of yourself on your own property, surrounded by what you like best, doing what you want to be doing? Owning your own land that you can develop as you choose can provide that sense of freedom! But what if you can see yourself on your own land, but are having trouble deciding what you would do with it? Here are some ideas that can help.

"Title" Your Dream

Any good marketer would tell you that you have to be able describe, in big bold words, what it is that you are selling. If you could "title" your land and pitch it to someone else, what would you write? For example, if you were selling someone on a small cabin in the middle of a forest, you wouldn't call it a "Tiny, Low Amenity Cabin in the Middle of Nowhere". Instead, you might call it a "Secluded, Cozy Forest Getaway!" Create your vision, title your vision, and then you can figure out how to make it a reality.

Describe Your Land

Now that you have a vision in your head, you have a starting place to find your land! List out the features that you need to have on your land to make your vision come true. If we stick with the "Secluded, Forest Getaway" motif, then you would likely list the following:

Set Your Budget

You may think this would be the first step, but it is hard to set a budget without an understanding of what you want. Your budget should include the maximum you are willing to pay for your land. Make sure that you have done some investigation into what is available before setting an unrealistic budget.

As part of the budget process, you should decide how you expect to pay for your land. Your budget will very likely be different if you are going to pay up front versus finance the purchase—this decision can change the maximum you are willing to pay.

Start Looking!

Now that you have your vision and the budget to go with it, all that is left is to see what is out there. Your vision (and budget) may change once you start the search, but that is often a good thing. As you search, you will find even more things that you like or dislike and refine your search until you find the land for you.

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