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Why You Should Look For A Condo Community With Single-Family Homes

Condo-style living is perfect for so many people. You get your own space, you don't have to worry about exterior maintenance, and there are lots of great community amenities to share, such as pools and fitness centers. When looking for a condo community to call home, however, there is one important decision you need to make. Do you want to live in a community where all or some of the units are attached, or do you want to live in a community of free-standing, single-family condo homes? While attached condos tend to be less expensive, those that are set up as single homes do offer a lot of advantages — including the following.

1. You won't hear people through the walls.

Even though builders usually use soundproof materials between the walls of attached condos, you can still hear some noises through the walls. This may especially be a concern if you or the neighbors have kids. With a single-family home, you don't share any walls, so you won't have these noisy distractions, and you don't have to worry about being a noisy distraction to someone else.

2. You'll likely have more space.

Although it is not a hard rule, attached condos tend to be smaller than those that are built as single dwellings. Once a building is already going up, it does not cost that much more to make it just a bit larger, so the builders tend to do that — which allows the condo community to charge more for that somewhat larger home. However, if you need the space, having an extra 200 or 300 square feet can make quite a difference in your lifestyle.

3. You may have a garage.

It's hard to build garages into attached homes, so if the community has a garage at all, it is probably in a separate location, and you probably have to pay extra to use space inside of it. On the contrary, a lot of single-family homes are built with attached garages. Having an attached garage is really nice in the winter since you don't have to scrape ice off your vehicle and can walk straight from your warm home into the car.

If you can find a condo community where all of the homes are separate buildings, definitely look into that option. It may cost more, but there's nothing like having your own space with no shared walls and a garage.

To learn more about condos and single-family homes for sale, contact a real estate agent in your area.