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The Top Reasons For Using Commercial Drone Videography In Real Estate

Drones have been around for a few years now, and increasingly, real estate agents are using them to market both homes and commercial properties for sale. While the real estate market hasn't used commercial drones for that long, it is increasingly popular to take aerial shots of properties for sale or even rent to give prospective buyers and renters a bird's eye view of the property.

If you are wondering whether you should use commercial drone videography to market your home or commercial property, here are the top reasons you should do so.

Best View For Larger Properties

You can get some great views of a property using standard videography and photographs, but you might miss out on the actual scale of a larger piece of property at ground level. When you are selling larger homes or commercial properties such as warehouses or factories, your buyer might like to see the actual size and nuances of the entire property. This is harder to do through standard video.

A commercial drone videographer can capture the size and scale of larger properties providing the best view overall. It can show all aspects of the land, the home, and any and all outbuildings the property has in one sweeping gesture. A drone can capture unique points of interest that don't show off well in photographs. The larger the property, the more likely the best images will come from a drone.

Views Of The Surrounding Land And Neighborhood

If the property you are selling is in a rural area, or if it's a large warehouse or industrial space in which the buyer needs to see the surrounding land and neighborhood, then commercial drone videography should be something you look into.

With drone footage, you get great views of the surrounding land and neighborhood. It can show an entire farm complete with barn, ponds, fields, and roadways, all of which are difficult to see and piece together from ground footage and photographs.

You can also see the neighborhood to see how many houses it contains and what type of neighbors the property has. For example, are they all houses, or is there a mixed-use of apartments and retail or industrial buildings too? It can help potential clients make better decisions.

A Feel For The City Or Town

If the buyer has never been to the city or town they are considering buying in, then commercial drone footage of the town or city they wish to buy a home or a business in could be ideal. Aerial footage of the town center and the surrounding landscape that can include lakes, parks, golf courses, schools, and shopping malls can make all the difference in their decision to buy.

For business owners, seeing how dense the population is, where they are located in relation to the building they are considering buying, and even the layout of the city or town can have an effect on their decision to buy there.