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Why Buy A Split Level Home?

When looking at single-family homes for sale in your area, the right floor plan matters. A home with a basement and an upper level proves to be beneficial if you have a family but you also want privacy. A split level home achieves the goal of having an upstairs and a downstairs, but with a twist: there is only an upstairs and a downstairs in this type of home, meaning you have to go up or down when you enter the home to get where you want to be.

The split level home became a popular home design in the 50s to the 60s, with over 10% of suburb homes in the 70s being designed out of this stacked-style home as well. As you start shopping for single-family homes for sale, you're sure to come across this unique type of home. Why should you consider a split level home? Consider the following reasons why.

You get immediate interior privacy

When you walk into a traditional home, the main entryway, living room, or other home space is immediately available. In a split level, you are greeted with a set of stairs leading up and a set of stairs leading down, which means you are granted privacy in the interior of your home. Or, there is a small main area that is left open while the main part of the home is accessed via stairs. This can be a comfort if a more secluded home interior is what you're after when looking for single-family homes.

You get a better deal

Since split level homes are so common in many nice suburban areas, if you want a nice home in a great area on a budget, consider this floor plan for your purchase. Split level homes offer plenty of living space and come with often-furnished basements as part of the traditional living space, so price per square footage can be of value to you if you consider this type of home when seeking single-family homes in your area.

Split level homes come in a variety of styles and feature multiple levels with flights of stairs going in and out of the properties. Seek a split level home that has a sizeable balcony and backyard to help make entertaining easier in this uniquely-styled home. Whether you want to buy a split level home for the cheaper price or the unique home design, keep this classic floor plan style in mind when looking for single-family homes.