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Tips To Help You Find A Pet-Friendly Townhome For You And Your Pet

The search for the right rental townhome can be tough in today's market, especially in areas where the rent has been steadily increasing. But when you have a furry, four-legged member of your family that will need to find residency with you when you apply for rental of a new townhome, you need to take their needs and their presence into consideration during the search and application process. Here are some tips to help you find the best townhome for you and your pet.

Start Your Search Prepared

One of the first things you need to do to prepare for your rental home search is to have all your information and documentation ready and with you as you look at townhomes. When you are searching for a pet-friendly rental home or townhome, you need to have all your pet's information with you just as you would have your own income verification, references, and employment information.

When a landlord is going to be renting you their property, they will want to know details about you and also about your pet. Therefore, provide the landlord a photo of your pet and their information, such as age, name, immunization records, and if they have been microchipped. When you provide the landlord with all these specific details, it will help them make an informed decision on your rental application and give you a rental decision more quickly or immediately on the spot. This can be of benefit to you if the rental market is competitive and there may be other renters applying for the same property.

Look For Pet-Friendly Features

Another important part of searching for the right townhome for you and your pet is to look at the features in and around the property that your pet will need. A rental property that has a lot of outdoor space for your pet to enjoy and run and play in is going to be a better feature to you than a townhome that is a high-rise property with a small balcony and a parking garage with assigned parking, for example.

Look for features in a townhome, such as a private backyard outdoor space or a pet walking park. You might also look for a property that allows large dog breeds or aggressive dog breeds. Be prepared to pay for a pet deposit, pet rent, and often a pet application fee in addition to your own for the rental process. But once you have found the right property, you and your pet can move into your new, comfortable lifestyle.

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