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3 Advantages Of Using A Flat-Fee MLS Listing Process To Sell Your Home

With a flat-fee MLS listing, your agent agrees to sell your home for a flat fee that you agree upon upfront for their assistance instead of getting a percentage of the final sale. The amount that you pay your agent is the same with a flat-fee MLS listing,

Advantage #1: An Agent Handles the Sale of Your Home

With a flat-fee MLS listing, you don't give up the right to have an experienced agent sell your home. You are able to set the rate that you pay your agent, and you are not tied to paying your agent a percentage of the home sale. You are saving money while still getting to work with an experienced agent.

You will still have an agent who will help you create your listing and get it on the most popular real estate websites. You will still be working with an agent who will do things such as hosting open houses and doing viewings of your home. You will have an agent to help you deal with going over offers and finalizing the sale of the home.

With a flat-fee MLS listing, you will still have the use of an experienced agent.

Advantage #2: Keep More Profits From the Sale of Your Home

One of the biggest reasons to go with a flat-fee MLS listing is that you will be able to keep more of the profits from selling your home.

When you go with a flat-fee MLS listing, you oftentimes will end up paying your real estate agent less than if you would have agreed to pay your real estate a traditional commission, where you give the agent a percentage of the total sales. With a traditional commission, somewhere around 5-6% of the sales price goes directly to the real estate agent. So, if you sell your home for $200,000, and the agent has a 5% commission fee, they would walk away with $10,000.

With a flat-fee listing, you will know upfront exactly what you will pay your agent, making it easier for you to price your home so you get the profit that you desire from the sale of your home.

Advantage #3: Less Stress With the Sales Process

With a flat-fee MLS listing, some of the stress of selling your home will be removed. You will know what you are paying your agent, and you don't have to worry if your asking price on your home will cover paying your agent and give you enough profit for whatever you need it for. With a flat-fee MLS listing, you can easily calculate your profit from the offers that potential buyers put in, and easily pick the best one for your situation.

With a flat-fee MLS listing, you agree to pay your agent a flat-fee instead of a percentage of the sale. This will allow you to more easily determine what price to sell your home and will allow you to easily calculate your profit offer any offers you get, all while working with an experienced real estate agent.

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