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How to Make and Use a House-Hunting Checklist When Shopping for a Home

When you set out to find a house to buy, it will be easier if you know what you want in a home. You may need to think about what you want for a few weeks or so before you start shopping, and it might help if you make and use a house-hunting checklist. If you are not sure how to do this, here are several things to know about house-hunting checklists.

1. What It Is

Before you can make a house-hunting checklist, it might help if you understand what this is. A house-hunting checklist is a document that you make that lists everything you want in a house. You can create several lists within your chart. The first list can contain the necessities in a home, which are the things you must find. You can include a budget in this section and features such as size and number of bedrooms. You can create a second list of features you hope to find in a house. These features are things you want but do not necessarily need.

2. How to Make One

To make your list, you will need to start thinking about the must-have features of the home you buy. What do you really need and want in a house? As you think of things you want to find, write them on your list. You can work on your list for several weeks before completing it, and you might want to view home listings to help you know what to add to this list. Once you have the list, you can begin shopping.

3. How to Use One to Find the Right Home

When you complete the list, you might want to give a copy to your real estate agent. Your agent can use the list to find something that matches what you want, and the agent can recommend viewing those homes. You can also use the list as you walk through homes for sale. As you walk through, check the items on the list to see if the home has them. You can then look at your list to determine which property has what you want.

If you create a house-hunting checklist, you can give it to your real estate agent. Your agent can begin finding homes that meet most of your needs. They can help you find the right home faster by speaking up about what you want or don't want.