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Helpful Tips For Real Estate Agents Working With A Real Estate Agent Referral Agency

If you're a real estate agent who has been thinking about using a real estate agent referral agency, then you might be excited about working with one of these services. After looking into it a little bit, you might have found that one of these agencies could be incredibly helpful while you're working on growing your career. However, even though you might have been in the real estate business for a while, you might not have any experience working with one of these agencies. If so, then you'll like knowing the following things.

Let Them Know What Types of Leads You're Looking For

First of all, when you initially contact a referral agency to let them know that you are interested in working with them, there is nothing wrong with letting them know about the different types of leads that you're looking for. If you prefer to work with clients in a specific area, mention this. If you specialize in working with certain types of properties — such as horse properties, vacation homes, or luxury properties — then you should mention this as well. This will help the referral agency send you leads that are better suited for you and the business that you run.

Let Them Focus on Doing Their Job

Once you let a referral agency know that you're interested in working with them, you should relax and let them focus on their job. Although there is nothing wrong with looking for a few leads of your own, you don't have to stress as much about doing this. Instead, you can count on the referral agency to bring in your leads for you, and you can instead take some much-needed and much-deserved downtime for yourself, or you can focus on other aspects of running and improving your business.

Find Out What Their Fees Are

As you might have learned in your time in the real estate industry, it's worth it to spend a little bit of money to bring in leads for your business. Because of this, you will probably find it's worth it to spend the money to hire a real estate agent referral agency too. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be mindful of how much you're going to have to spend on these leads. Therefore, you will probably want to ask beforehand what the fees will be, and you may want to look around a little bit for a referral service that offers reasonable rates but that will still do a great job of providing you with leads. 

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