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Understand What Comes With A Home Before Making Your Offer

When you intend to buy a home, you should know what you are getting into when it comes to furnishing it and miscellaneous expenses. While you may have fallen in love with a home during a viewing, you may discover that the home is sold to you without some of the things that you would have liked to have in it.

Instead of being disappointed by how the house is being sold, there are a lot of features you'll need to keep in mind. By understanding what comes with the home, you can make your offer accordingly and even negotiate for some things you would like to have in your new home. 


Bookshelves, cabinetry, and window seats may seem like they would come with the home since they're built-ins. However, this may not always be the case. Moving into a house with the cabinets removed can be shocking and quickly adds to the expenses of furnishing your home.

Since it may not be obvious what built-ins are included in a home, you'll need to speak to the listing agent or your own realtor to assess what comes with the home. 


Another essential feature for the home to be usable is the appliances. From a refrigerator and stove to the washing machine and dryer, there's a chance the seller intends to remove the appliances and bring them with them before moving out. Moving into a home without any appliances can be expensive, making it wise to see whether you can make an offer on the home that includes the appliances.

Light Fixtures

While some light fixtures are almost certainly staying with the home, such as recessed lights and ceiling fans, the same may not be accurate for other light fixtures. Chandeliers, wall-mounted lights, and pendant lights may all be taken with the seller. Check if any lights in the home are not included before you make an offer so you can know what to expect. 


If the outdoor space was what drew you into a particular property, it could be upsetting to discover that the seller has removed all the plants and shrubs. Make sure you check if the landscaping will be left as-is or if they are any changes you need to be aware of before making an offer. 

Knowing what comes with a home and what you'll need to pay for yourself can help you make a fair and reasonable offer. You'll also have the opportunity to negotiate for some of the above features to be included in your offer. Being an informed buyer means you can buy a home that matches what you envisioned. 

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